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Frequently asked questions. And answers.

Q: I get the message 'GarageRemote.prefPane' can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer..

A: You're running into a new security feature that was introduced in (I think) Lion. Software that is not 'signed' gets treated this way. I am actually a registered developer but haven't updated GarageRemote to be signed.

Anyhow, Here's a workaround that should work:

  • 1) In your System Preferences > Security & Privacy, the General tab, make sure you have the "Allow apps from:" setting set to "Mac App Store and identified developers".
  • 2) Download the, decompress it, and find the GarageRemote.prefPane file.
  • 3) Instead of double-clicking GarageRemote.prefPane, control-click it. You should get a menu.
  • 4) Choose "Open" from the menu.
  • 5) You'll get a dialog asking if you want to open it. Go ahead and open it. GarageRemote should install itself. Note that since GarageRemote is an old-school 32-bit pref pane, System Preferences will ask to relaunch itself in 32-bit mode.

Q: I'm pretty sure I have GarageRemote and my MIDI keyboard configured correctly, but it still isn't working. What's the deal?

A: Please try the latest version of GarageRemote.

Under certain circumstances, some MIDI keyboards or their associated software transmit a certain kind of MIDI message as part of their normal operation. This message confused versions of GarageRemote prior to 1.0.11.

Q: How can I get GarageRemote to work with my keyboard from M-Audio (MK-425C, MK-449C, MK-461C, Ozone, Oxygen8, Radium49, Radium61, etc.)?

A: Annoyingly, these keyboards cannot be configured to send custom system exclusive MIDI messages. One trick that should work is to use MIDI control change messages on an unused channel instead.

But there's a hitch: GarageRemote expects that you know what MIDI message bytes are being transmitted by the buttons you wish to use. Unfortunately, Enigma, M-Audio's app for keyboard programming does a particularly good job of obscuring what is going on at the message byte level. In any case, I don't have access to any M-Audio keyboards, so unfortunately, the burden falls on the user (i.e. you) to figure things out.

You can use "MIDI Logger" (included in the GarageRemote download) to see exactly what bytes your MIDI keyboard is transmitting.

Here are some other resources that may be of help:

Brandon Cholodenko sent in this configuration for the M-Audio Axiom61 using its default program 1. Thanks Brandon!
F0 7F 7F 06 01 F7
F0 7F 7F 06 05 F7
F0 7F 7F 06 02 F7
F0 7F 7F 06 04 F7
F0 7F 7F 06 03 F7
F0 7F 7F 06 06 F7

Q: How can I get GarageRemote to work with my Tascam US-428?

A: Jay O'Sullivan sent in this configuration, suitable if you're not using MIDI channel 16 for anything:

BF 18 7F
BF 60 7F
BF 16 7F
BF 60 01
BF 19 7F
BF 17 7F

Please consult the Tascam US-428 documentation for details on how to assign MIDI messages to its buttons.

Q: How can I disable GarageRemote's update notices?

A: In GarageRemote's 'About' tab, choose 'Manually' from the 'Check for updates' popup.

Q: How do I delete GarageRemote?

A: First, in GarageRemote's 'Listener' tab, stop the Listener. Next choose 'Show All Preferences' from System Preferences View menu. Then control-click the GarageRemote and choose 'Remove GarageRemote Preference Pane'.

Q: Do you accept donations for GarageRemote?

A: No. But you can buy me something from my wishlist.

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Q: Why aren't there more questions yet?

A: Because you haven't asked any. Send me some.