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fotosite main window

I wrote fotosite to help my computer illiterate photographer friends maintain their own photography web sites. You just drag your photos to the fotosite window. fotosite scales and compresses your photos, then uploads them to your web site along with a "table of contents". You can setup multiple categories or galleries, and you can also associate captions with each image.

fotosite allows you to manage and update the photos on your site without requiring any server side extras. What this means is that you don't need PHP, SQL, or scripting. You can have an easily updated photogallery with even the least expensive, "no frills" hosting packages.

Originally, only Flash based site designs could take advantage of fotosite's management capabilities, but I'm updating fotosite right now so that it can be used with HTML based designs. I'll be going through a beta period to shake out bugs and fine tune some features. I haven't settled on pricing yet.

Note that fotosite doesn't design the site for you. You still have to create the Flash or HTML based site to render the photos and galleries. I hope to include easy to modify HTML based templates with the initial fotosite release, and later some Flash based "starter" designs as well.

There are three sites that are currently managed using fotosite (these are all Flash based):

system requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or newer