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Important Note

MacBS2 will not run on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

MacBS2 uses a software library provided by Parallax to compile your source code to something a BS2 chip can run. This library (called the 'Tokenizer' by Parallax) is available as a PowerPC library only, so linking to it requires the application (MacBS2) to be PowerPC as well.

There is no PowerPC support on Lion, and Parallax have not upgraded their library since 2004. So we are out of luck for the time being.

If you'd like to see a MacBS2 that runs on Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion), give Parallax a shout through their support page and let them know that a native library for Intel based Macs is important to you. Once an upgraded library is available, I can do the rest.

MacBS2 2.1b4 july 27, 2009

  • preserve Finder labels when saving files.

MacBS2 2.1b3 february 9, 2009

  • fixed a problem when downloading the Basic Stamp Command Reference on Intel Macs.

MacBS2 2.1b2 august 28, 2008

  • fixed a bug that prevented BS2sx chips with the recent firmware upgrade from being recognized (thanks to Greg Loskorn and Parallax for helping with this).

MacBS2 2.1b1 october 1, 2007

  • added Memory Map. Choose 'Memory Map' from the Window menu, or click 'Memory Map' toolbar button (you'll need to add it to your toolbar).
    Memory Map is updated whenever code is compiled.
  • no more metal textured windows.

MacBS2 2.0b17 november 5, 2006

  • updated FTDI driver version check to reflect the fact that newer drivers seem to work.

MacBS2 2.0b16 july 21, 2006

  • gracefully handle source files that have no directives.

MacBS2 2.0b15 march 30, 2006

  • yet more keywords properly highlight.
  • 'Revert' works again (broken when slots were added).
  • changing target module is now undoable.
  • PBASIC version toolbar item and menu now update properly when PBASIC directive is deleted or missing.

MacBS2 2.0b14 february 11, 2006

  • don't hide directives anymore.
  • some more keywords properly highlight.

MacBS2 2.0b13 november 20, 2005

  • detect and warn about incompatible FTDI driver.

MacBS2 2.0b12 october 7, 2005

  • fixed crash when certain character sequences exist in source.

MacBS2 2.0b11 september 20, 2005

  • fixed support for BS2pe40 again.
  • corrected BS2 pinout menu commands.
  • 'UNTIL' keyword now properly highlights.

MacBS2 2.0b10 may 30, 2005

  • Automatic install of tokenizer fixed for Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) and more reliable for earlier versions of Mac OS X.

MacBS2 2.0b9 march 27, 2005

  • fixed support for BS2pe40
  • fixed support for BS2pe when hosted in a USBBOE
  • more robust handling of line-ending differences bewteen Macintosh and DOS/Windows text files. This should make bringing over source files from DOS or Windows systems a bit less problematic.

MacBS2 2.0b8 January 4, 2005

  • updated to work with Parallax' new PBASIC Command Reference

MacBS2 2.0b7 November 1, 2004

  • label popup now updates properly when switching slots
  • fixed a possible problem when closing a window with multiple unsaved slots

MacBS2 2.0b6 October 22, 2004

  • fixed a problem that prevented BS2e's with firmware versions higher than 1.0 from being recognized properly

MacBS2 2.0b5 October 17, 2004

  • fixed a problem that may have caused problems under Mac OS X 10.2.8
  • now detects older tokenizer and offers to download current version

MacBS2 2.0b4 October 5, 2004

  • fixed a problem where closing a single slot document with changes didn't work properly
  • new documents should now appear close to the top of the monitor on larger screens

MacBS2 2.0b3 September 8, 2004

  • works with BS2 chips again

MacBS2 2.0b1 September 2, 2004

  • SLOTS!
  • more complete support for PBASIC 2.5
  • rewritten command reference window; now includes PBASIC 2.5 information
  • system standard find and replace when running under Mac OS X Panther (10.3)
  • lots of other small improvements and fixes

MacBS2 1.4d1 March 3, 2004

  • support for new tokenizer and therefore PBASIC 2.0 and 2.5
  • fixed command reference auto download

MacBS2 1.3d7 February 19, 2004

  • fixed tokenizer auto-install
  • enabled the use of built-in serial ports such as those found on some older PowerBooks (in Preferences, choose the "All available serial ports" in the Serial Port tab). Note that the use of these ports is untested and not known to work.

MacBS2 1.3d6 July 29, 2003

  • added labels toolbar item to allow quick navigation to labels
  • labels can now be syntax colored
  • AUXIO, IOTERM, MAINIO, LCDIN, LCDOUT, and LCDCMD are now properly syntax colored
  • added preference for cursor color
  • added adjustable tab spacing
  • new Run toolbar item graphic

MacBS2 1.3d5 May 10, 2003

  • can now open files with these extensions: bs2, bpe, bse, bsp, bsx
  • increased source file character count limit to 128K
  • added warning if there is too much source for the compiler
  • BIN5 through BIN16 are now properly syntax colored
  • fixed "unexpected end of line error" if source doesn't end with a return

MacBS2 1.3d4 April 2, 2003

  • fixed crash on launch if the /Library/CFMSupport folder doesn't exist
  • added 'Send MacBS2 Feedback' command in MacBS2 menu

MacBS2 1.3d3 March 24, 2003

  • added block comment/uncomment command
  • added block shift left/shift right command

MacBS2 1.3d2 March 19, 2003

  • download and install tokenizer automatically
  • tokenizer info added to about box
  • added BS2e pinout menu item
  • fixed some problems with tabs in source pane
  • added programming cable diagrams
  • added "View in Acrobat" option to Command Reference Window
  • Application Support Folder is now stored at /Library/Application Support instead of ~/Library/Application Support. This is so that the Command Reference pdf file can be shared by users of multiple user systems.

MacBS2 1.3d1 March 4, 2003

  • toolbar of source window is now customizable
  • command reference window now has proper toolbar (customizable too!)
  • prevent text wrapping in source view
  • horizontal scrolling in source view
  • added pinout lookup command in Help menu
  • check for net connection before autoupdate (prevents dial-out on launch)

MacBS2 1.2d2 Feb 10, 2003

  • warn about and optionally correct missing STAMP directive.

MacBS2 1.2d1 Feb 10, 2003

  • added basic support (no support for multiple program slots yet) for
    • BS2e
    • BS2p
    • BS2p40
    • BS2pe
    • BS2sx
  • BS2 now reports correct firmware version
  • added zoom controls in command referenece window

MacBS2 1.1d4 Jan 29, 2003

  • revised credits

MacBS2 1.1d3 Jan 28, 2003

  • fixed BASIC Stamp Manual download problem

MacBS2 1.1d2 Jan 28, 2003

  • added auto-update check feature
  • moved some items from Help menu to menu
  • new about box

MacBS2 1.1d1 Dec 6, 2002

  • window positions are saved between sessions
  • adjustable splitter between source and debugger panes

MacBS2 1.1d0 Dec 2, 2002

  • added Basic Stamp reference support in Help menu including ability to look up selected keyword
  • added menu item in Help menu to open homepage

MacBS2 1.0d4 Nov 25, 2002

  • fixed crash when clicking in menubar with no documents open
  • fixed problem with port submenu growing everytime a new document is opened or created

MacBS2 1.0d3 Nov 24, 2002

  • added option (in Preferences) to use serial adapters other than Keyspan USA19, USA28
  • fixed bug where debugger pane kept scrolling to the end even when paused

MacBS2 1.0d2 Nov 13, 2002

  • preferences for syntax coloring and debugger display
  • added "clear" button to clear debugger
  • added pause/resume functionality to debugger

MacBS2 1.0d1 Nov 11, 2002

  • initial release